Friday, January 15, 2016

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Apple Releases New iPug

Apple Releases New iPug: Apple stock surged again today as investors got a sneak peak at the new "iPug" which they believe will help them lick the competition.

However, early testing indicates that this model is subject to overheating, hacking, and sometimes just craps out on people. "We still have a few wrinkles to work out," added Head of Product Development, Johnahan Ive.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Michelle Obama: Bo is My Son

Bo Obama, Official member of the family - Michelle Obama really loves her dog, Bo. Recently she told David Letterman, "He is my son," Michelle told David Letterman. "I have two girls – and a boy." 

She later told Dave, "Bo is wonderful... He is the smartest dog on the planet," and then added, "He's a very sweet dog. I'm not being biased. He's very well-mannered, he's very even-tempered... "He has a very busy schedule, appearances. I'm thinking about getting him an agent."

Can you question Bo's influence on the Obamas, and on global politics as a whole!? Obey the Portuguese Water Dog!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Dog Leads Bin Laden Compound Raid

 Mystery and Intrigue surrounds the dog who helped lead the raid on the Bin Laden compound, dropping out of a Black Hawk helicopter strapped to a Navy SEAL... Click to read more about the dog who led the Bin Laden Raid

Friday, March 18, 2011

Second Trial Requested for Guilty Dog

Lawyers for the Canine Revolution are scrambling to see if Johnny Cochran is available...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dog Gets Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis

Dog Gets Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis - Amazing story this week about a 12 year old Border Collie dog that got same-day stem cell therapy for his arthritis. Basically they took cells from the fat in his body, took out the stem cells, and then injected them into his arthritic joints so that the stem cells can fight the arthritis.

You can read the full story about this dog's stem cell therapy at

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dog that Mocked Hitler Enraged Nazi Party

AP - BERLIN – Newly discovered documents have revealed a bizarre footnote to the history of the Second World War: a Finnish mutt whose imitation of the Hitler salute enraged the Nazis so deeply that they started an obsessive campaign against the dog's owner.

Absurdly, a totalitarian state that dominated most of Europe was unable to do much about Jackie and his paw-raising parody of Germany's Fuehrer.

In the middle of World War II — months before Hitler ordered some 4.5 million troops to invade the Soviet Union — the Foreign Office in Berlin commanded its diplomats in the Nazi-friendly Nordic country to gather evidence on the dog, and even came up with plans to destroy the pharmaceutical wholesale company of its owner.
The dog, Jackie, was a mutt owned by Tor Borg, a businessman from the Finnish city of Tampere. Borg's wife Josefine, a German citizen known for her anti-Nazi sentiments, dubbed the dog Hitler because of the strange way it raised its paw high in the air like Germans greeting the Fuehrer with a cry of "Heil Hitler!"

After being reported by a neighbor, Borg was ordered to the German embassy in Helsinki and questioned about his dog's unusual greeting habits. He denied ever calling the dog by the German dictator's name, but admitted that his wife called the dog Hitler. Full story 

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Friday, January 07, 2011

Obey the Beagle!

Yes... look into the Beagle's eyes... you are getting very sleepy... let go of your own opinions and thoughts, and do exactly as the Beagle says... 

Thanks to Eric from the stem cell blog for the pic.

Obey the Vizsla!

Vizsla puppy shows how to deal with insurgency

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Therapy Dogs Aid Stressed College Students

Therapy Dogs Help Stressed Students - Put two Huskies, a chocolate Lab, a Sheltie, a Belgian Sheep Dog and a Wheaton Terrier together at a college during finals and you get pet therapy for college students.
"I have a huge math exam and I'm freaking out," said Sarah Walman 19, a Sophomore  from Teaneck, N.J. who was happily petting one of the dogs brought in to the Student Center at Caldwell College.
The idea for the therapy dogs comes from the Counseling Department on campus as an effort to ease the pressures on students at final exam time... Read Full Story

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Stricter Regulations for Breeders in Missouri

puppy mill

Down With Puppy Mills - Missouri has a bad reputation as when it comes to neglect and abuse at puppy mills. Many high-profile cases dog abuse have made headlines and gotten the attention of groups such as the Humane Society. In the recent election, a ballot initiative to fight animal abuse at puppy mills, "Proposition B" was narrowly passed. (gaining just 51% of the vote?!)

While the passage of Prop B is a small victory for animal rights activists, farmers from Missouri complain that the passage will lead to further restrictions on breeders and livestock farmers. The measure was overwhelmingly defeated in rural areas, but gained support closer to civilization where people have teeth, distrust Glenn Beck, and love their pets.

More than 80% of the money funding the bill came from activists and concerned groups outside of Missouri. Critics argue that the measure won't stop dog abuse, but might actually put reputable breeders out of business. The new law limits dog breeders to a maximum of 50 breeding animals, and will take effect starting in 2011. read article

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Maltipoo Invasion in Los Angeles

A startling discovery by documenting the rise of the Maltipoo breed in Hollywood. It appears that this seemingly harmless breed has infiltrated the homes of the most influential young women in LA. No word on the accuracy of the reports claiming that the city government may soon fall under the paw of the Maltipoo... story

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Foxes Get 50,000 Year Old Snack

Proof that Dogs Will Eat Anything - Although the recent discovery of a 50,000+ year old Woolly Mammoth in Siberia is scientifically very significant, the part of the story that will stay with me is not about the potential scientific value or rarity of the find.

I can't get past this line in the middle of the story: "The ice-encased body had been partially eaten by foxes which devoured the trunk and the top of its head." As if that wasn't bad enough, note that "the carcass was harboring very old but potentially lethal germs, most probably anthracis, which can cause anthrax and black lung disease."

Basically, what this means is that members of the Canidae Family, which includes dogs and foxes, will apparently eat anything. These foxes didn't hesitate when a rotten 50,000 year old anthrax-infested piece of mammoth trunk meat poked its way out of the ice, and my dogs wouldn't have either.

There is no word yet whether Alpo will begin testing "mammoth" canned meat, but i think it's already included in their "Mixed Grill" flavor.

Google News: Mammoth story

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pickles the World Cup Dog

Pickles: The Dog Who Saved the World Cup
pickles world cup dog

As part of the publicity campaign for England hosting the 1966 World Cup, the World Cup Trophy (then a smaller version called the "Jules Rimet Trophy") was displayed in several different places around England. Protected by 5 guards, the trophy was residing for a time at the Methodist Central Hall in the Westminster section of London.

One day when the guards were distracted on a break, thieves broke in and grabbed the valuable trophy, holding it for ransom. The theft caused a sensation in the British and World Press, and its return became the top priority of Scotland Yard.

The thieves demanded £15,000 ransom for the trophy's return, which Scotland Yard reluctantly agreed to. As one of the thieves led officials to the location, he noticed a trailing police van which spooked the thief, and wrecked the ransom deal.

Later in the week, with the World Cup trophy missing, a dog named "Pickles" was out with his owner in South London when he spotted something suspicious under a hedge near the sidewalk. After some pulling and digging, Pickles dragged a package out that was wrapped in newspaper and held together with string. Pickles presented the parcel to his owner, David Corbet, who quickly unwrapped it, revealing the valuable World Cup trophy.

world cup trophy 1966
Although police were initially suspicious of the story, they soon cleared Pickles and Corbett, and they became national heroes in England. They were given a cash reward, and Pickles even starred in a feature movie called, "The Spy With the Cold Nose."

When the English team won the World Cup later that year, they invited Pickles to the celebration banquet and let him lick all of their plates clean!

Obey the Pit Bull Art on "Pit Boss" TV Show

Animal Planet's new show "Pit Boss" is about a little person nicknamed "Shorty" who lives in L.A. and works as a talent manager for other little people. 

After years of hardships and incarceration, he has turned his life around and made Pit Bull Rescue his mission, using the proceeds from his business to fund his Pit Bull Rescue.

A big mural painted from an "Obey the Pit Bull!" design can be seen behind Shorty Rossi's desk in episodes of the Animal Planet's show "Pit Boss."

pit boss painting

(Inspired by Obey the Pit Bull design above)
More about Pit Boss

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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Regardless of what you are ordering, or which single coupon you are looking at, there is no way to truly answer the question, "what store online has the cheapest prices for pet medications" because the two other main variables are the cost of shipping and the discount from current promotions & coupon codes.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Help Dogs Afraid of Thunder

New advice on the best way to help your dog that is afraid of thunder. 
What should you do if your dog is afraid of thunder? We’ve been taught for years that attempting to soothe frightened dogs makes them worse. It seems logical, in a cut-and-dried, stimulus and response kind of way. Your dog hears thunder, he runs to you and then you pet him. As a result, your dog just got rewarded for running to you when it thunders, and worse, for being afraid of thunderstorms in the first place. 

But that’s not what happens, and here’s why. First, no amount of petting is going to make it worthwhile to your dog to feel panicked. Fear is just as bad for dogs as it is for people, and some dogs' biggest fear is thunder. The function of fear is to signal the body that there is danger present, and that the individual feeling fearful had better do something to make the danger, and the fear that accompanies it, go away. read more

Monday, June 07, 2010

Dachshunds Take Over United Nations

Proof of Dog World Rule? Government officials scrambled to control damage today after uncensored video and still photos of a recent high level meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Committee were leaked onto the internet.

The images of the U.N. meeting room clearly show dogs (all apparently Dachshunds) making high level decisions for the 47 countries represented. Several of the dogs reportedly acted fondly of one another, although no actual humping was reported.

The images, which will certainly fuel conspiracy theories for years, were explained by White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs as merely a "performance art project" by an Australian artist. When reporters' hands went up after Gibbs' brief explanation, witnesses say the White House fire alarm went off and everyone was quickly evacuated. Gibbs' later added that it was a coincidence that Bo, the White House Dog attended the briefing, was seated directly beneath the fire alarm when it was pulled. 

A popular conspiracy theory blog online speculates that the dogs may have been gathering to discuss ways to fix recent human screw ups, including the Gulf oil spill and world economy.

Read full story of U.N. Dogs

Thursday, June 03, 2010

World's Ugliest Dog Dies

World's Ugliest Dog Dies - So sad that the World's Ugliest Dog has died. "Miss Ellie" was a rescue dog, and during her reign as World's Ugliest she helped raise over $100k for the Human Society. She was planning to compete one more time in the World's Ugliest Dog Competition in California next month at age 17...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Naughty Baby T-shirt Design

You know, sometimes babies aren't sweet. Sometimes they are little fuckers, and need to be labeled as such. (and that's OK) 

If you know of a baby that throws occasional tantrums, or is naughty, why not buy one of these lil' fucker baby onesies? (avaliable in 3 colors)

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Dog Hair to Soak Up Oil Spill

Dog Hair vs. Oil Spill: Dogs are being enlisted to solve the current environmental crisis in the Gulf of Mexico. Hairy Dogs...  In fact, dog and human hair clippings are being collected in an effort to absorb some of the millions of gallons of oil that are flowing into the ocean.

Although I would usually call the idea of trying to absorb an oil spill the size of Delaware with dog hair ridiculous, you have to admire the effort, and I certainly can't think of any better ideas. If you have a hairy dog or family member and live in the U.S. or Canada, her is more info on how to help:

ALSO: If your back looks like this, please be patriotic and go swimming in the Gulf of Mexico as soon as possible...

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Rebellious Dog Becomes Icon of Greek Protests

Dog Inspires Protesters in Greece 5/07/10 - A stray dog has become a prominent figure in the recent street protests in Greece. The mysterious dog named "Kanellos," has been seen at protests in Athens since 2008, and is now gaining exposure by fighting riot police in the streets. 

Apparently outraged by the failure of the Greek economy, he has already gained national fame, and is simply known to Greeks as "Riot Dog" or "Rebel Dog." Bounding defiantly in front of lines of armed Greek soldiers like a militant canine Ghandi, he remains undeterred even after absorbing blasts of tear gas. Read story

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