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Pickles the World Cup Dog

Pickles: The Dog Who Saved the World Cup
pickles world cup dog

As part of the publicity campaign for England hosting the 1966 World Cup, the World Cup Trophy (then a smaller version called the "Jules Rimet Trophy") was displayed in several different places around England. Protected by 5 guards, the trophy was residing for a time at the Methodist Central Hall in the Westminster section of London.

One day when the guards were distracted on a break, thieves broke in and grabbed the valuable trophy, holding it for ransom. The theft caused a sensation in the British and World Press, and its return became the top priority of Scotland Yard.

The thieves demanded £15,000 ransom for the trophy's return, which Scotland Yard reluctantly agreed to. As one of the thieves led officials to the location, he noticed a trailing police van which spooked the thief, and wrecked the ransom deal.

Later in the week, with the World Cup trophy missing, a dog named "Pickles" was out with his owner in South London when he spotted something suspicious under a hedge near the sidewalk. After some pulling and digging, Pickles dragged a package out that was wrapped in newspaper and held together with string. Pickles presented the parcel to his owner, David Corbet, who quickly unwrapped it, revealing the valuable World Cup trophy.

world cup trophy 1966
Although police were initially suspicious of the story, they soon cleared Pickles and Corbett, and they became national heroes in England. They were given a cash reward, and Pickles even starred in a feature movie called, "The Spy With the Cold Nose."

When the English team won the World Cup later that year, they invited Pickles to the celebration banquet and let him lick all of their plates clean!

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