Monday, June 07, 2010

Dachshunds Take Over United Nations

Proof of Dog World Rule? Government officials scrambled to control damage today after uncensored video and still photos of a recent high level meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Committee were leaked onto the internet.

The images of the U.N. meeting room clearly show dogs (all apparently Dachshunds) making high level decisions for the 47 countries represented. Several of the dogs reportedly acted fondly of one another, although no actual humping was reported.

The images, which will certainly fuel conspiracy theories for years, were explained by White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs as merely a "performance art project" by an Australian artist. When reporters' hands went up after Gibbs' brief explanation, witnesses say the White House fire alarm went off and everyone was quickly evacuated. Gibbs' later added that it was a coincidence that Bo, the White House Dog attended the briefing, was seated directly beneath the fire alarm when it was pulled. 

A popular conspiracy theory blog online speculates that the dogs may have been gathering to discuss ways to fix recent human screw ups, including the Gulf oil spill and world economy.

Read full story of U.N. Dogs

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