Thursday, November 04, 2010

Stricter Regulations for Breeders in Missouri

puppy mill

Down With Puppy Mills - Missouri has a bad reputation as when it comes to neglect and abuse at puppy mills. Many high-profile cases dog abuse have made headlines and gotten the attention of groups such as the Humane Society. In the recent election, a ballot initiative to fight animal abuse at puppy mills, "Proposition B" was narrowly passed. (gaining just 51% of the vote?!)

While the passage of Prop B is a small victory for animal rights activists, farmers from Missouri complain that the passage will lead to further restrictions on breeders and livestock farmers. The measure was overwhelmingly defeated in rural areas, but gained support closer to civilization where people have teeth, distrust Glenn Beck, and love their pets.

More than 80% of the money funding the bill came from activists and concerned groups outside of Missouri. Critics argue that the measure won't stop dog abuse, but might actually put reputable breeders out of business. The new law limits dog breeders to a maximum of 50 breeding animals, and will take effect starting in 2011. read article

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