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PetcareRx - 20% Off Coupon

PetcareRx Coupon - 20% Off
2014 Promotion
Use this link and code: EXTRA20
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All prescription orders at qualify for a 20% discount when you click on the link & use coupon code: EXTRA20 -- Orders over $100 qualify for free shipping. (otherwise the shipping prices are high; charging a flat $9.95 for shipping, or $15 for "free shipping" for all of 2014)

Some of the top brands to choose from include:

Frontline Plus - Use coupon!
K9 Advantix - 80% discount!
Heartgard Plus

This coupon means that the cheapest prices for pet medication orders over $100 are at Total Pet Supply. Their extremely low prices are misleading if you are planning to place one small order from them, as the $9.95 shipping cost offsets the savings that you get from their cheap prices. For orders under $100, I would recommend -- They are also a Canadian pet medication company that is able to pass on the savings that you get outside of the U.S. on all types of medication, in this case pet meds for cats and dogs. View current PetcareRx coupons

PetcareRx Reviews
I've done extensive searching online & read a lot of PetcareRx reviews, and they are mixed. Older reviews complain of mediocre customer service, (which seems to have improved) and the main complaints in the newer reviews center around slow shipping (8-12 days is what they quote on their site) and expensive shipping for smaller orders. (see above about how orders under $100 don't qualify for free shipping, and pay a flat $7.95 shipping rate)

In any event, it seems that there is a trade off with discount pet medication stores: the lower the prices and more coupons offered, the lower the satisfaction with shipping times and customer service. The main reason for this is due to the fact that the only way you can get medications so cheaply is by getting them outside of the United States. 

Regardless of what you are ordering, or which single coupon you are looking at, there is no way to truly answer the question, "what store online has the cheapest prices for pet medications" because the two other main variables are the cost of shipping and the discount from current promotions & coupon codes.

Because of this, I did my best to put together a comparison of the price of several popular pet medications in each of the most popular online stores, along with the expected shipping cost. (i haven't found a coupon for free shipping for Total Pet Supply yet) You can then compare the most recent promo codes and coupons from the links below the chart: view large
*to factor in the latest coupons, you can find the latest at these pages:
petcareRx - petcarechoice - total pet supply

Total Pet Supply Coupons and promotional codes brought to you by Chairman Meow! - also see new vistaprint coupons for up to 50% off and free shipping for online printing!

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