Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Owner of Vomiting Pug Arrested on the Subway

pug arrestAfter reading the article, I still can't make sense of what actually happened here, but it's clear that a woman caused a disturbance on the subway after her Pug threw up. I'm not sure if there are any political implications, or if this is in any way related to the protests in Iran. Neither Al Sharpton, nor Ayatollah Mugsy have commented on the arrest...

6/30/09 - NYPD officers arrested an L train rider over “a 15lb pug that [she] took out of his tote bag for throwing up and overheating, ” but not before threatening to put the dog down and telling the owner, “If you’re going to act like a woman I’m going to treat you like a woman...
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  1. I'm surprised that Ayatollah Mugsy missed this easy opportunity to cash in on public furor. So easy to be distracted by the politics in Iran, when real revolution is happening all around us, in the rebellious bile of our pugs' stomachs!