Friday, July 10, 2009

President Obama Unveils Weiner in Public

A cash-strapped White House unveiled a new weapon in their surveillance program today, code-named the "Stealth Weiner" program. While phasing out expensive programs such as the $1B Stealth bomber, and the deeply unpopular Bush Wire-Tapping Program, the military has been looking for alternate ways to gather information.

According to the White House, the Stealth Weiner will be able to gather information while sniffing out potential evil-doers.

"Today," said President Obama, "We are unveiling our weiner, and using it against the terrorists."

With his wife cheering him on, President Obama then demonstrated how a weiner can be unleashed safely, and secretively, even in a public setting.

There is no word on the scope or cost of the new program, but the President assured the crowd that, "weiners are very popular, and require little maintenance."

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