Sunday, May 25, 2008

Free Chairman Meow Stickers

In order to promote the glorious Feline Revolution, Great Leader Chairman Meow has made free propaganda stickers available to the masses.

Free stickers (3) are available on a limited basis, and buyers only pay $1 for shipping.

After receiving the stickers, followers of Chairman Meow are asked to place them anywhere that is legal, and in public view.

*Great Leader Chairman Meow welcomes jpg photos showing how the stickers are being used around the world to promote the Glorious Feline Revolution. The photos will then be posted on this blog with your name so that other feline fundamentalists may be inspired.

Get 3 Chairman Meow Stickers Now and join the Revolution!

1 comment:

  1. Great leader,

    While I am most unworthy of your grace, I do want to express my profound gratitude for your transcendental leadership. I shall follow you through the fires of hell, and I shall spread your good news through participation in this sticker campaign.

    Long live Great Leader Chairman Meow.