Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Disney Inspired By Obey the Chihuahua?

This is one of the many posters appearing in cities nation-wide to advertise a new Disney movie that envisions chihuahua world domination...

Wow.. Looks like Disney has a multi-city, million dollar campaign amazingly similar to my concept:Not that i invented propaganda art, or even claim to be "original" in my style, but it does look to have been inspired by my dictator/dog obedience concept. I was calling for Chihuahuas to revolt against their LA owners (Paris Hilton etc.) years ago!

Since it's Disney, maybe they could throw me a bone with a credit or something? Here is an article about the Disney Heel campaign...


  1. Your ideas have been stolen. Disney and it's creatives bottom feed the planet for ideas and know you won't pay the legal to fight it. Besides, by the time you got any kind of satisfaction it's years. None the less, my instinct for copyright and IP says you should go after them hard. First you get the publicity, and second if you really believe (even somewhat) in "revolution" just letting it go and rolling over-or sitting up- is cowardly.
    Go fetch and show some balls.

    Good Luck, Nick

  2. yours is way better.

  3. Your Chihuahua is much more noble looking. The mouse-eared infidels should have hired you.

  4. When I first saw it I thought you were making a movie, damn disney thiefs >.x ugh well the movie looks good atleast pity though

  5. are you joking!?!?! Are you seriously denying the fact that you are a complete, utter and blatant rip off of Shepard Fairey!?!?! What you are doing HAS to be illegal, I can see that you have some talent as an illustrator, so grow a pair and come up with something original.

  6. as i said, poorman, i never claimed to have invented the propaganda style, but i can say that my concept is original. although i love shepard's designs, he is doing something completely different with it than i am, and there should be no confusion. just because shepard was "first" to use existing propaganda and postage stamps as the basis for his designs, it doesn't mean that he owns them. also consider that the words "obey/obedience" are central to the idea of propaganda. think of my pet designs a parody of existing propaganda if it makes you sleep better.

  7. I'm extremely familiar with German, Cuban, Japanese and Chinese Propaganda art. What you are doing is not an homage to those styles, you are copying the way Shepard does those styles. What you are doing is in NO WAY unique, you are blatantly capitalizing on the current success and popularity of another artist, and passing your designs off as a unique idea. Like I said, it looks to me like you have talent as an illustrator and designer, which is why I guess it troubles me so to see your talent wasted on plagiarism.

  8. ...then consider it a parody.

    my inspiration from his work should only serve to flatter him, and takes nothing away from him or his profits. there is no overlap in our subject matter, (i only use phrases with the word obey in relation to pets) and there is no confusion amongst consumers. shepard has a pug and has traded posters with me.

    here are a few of the people who are ripping ME off, AND confusing consumers, inferring that these are my designs:

  9. there are always haters like poormanstyle, who will spend their intellectual and emotional capital fighting imagined windmills while the real world burns around them.

    Did Degas, Renoir, and Monet not paint under a similar style which came to be known as impressionism? As a novice art aficionado, I cannot tell the difference between their art... something you could never claim between Fairey and ObeythePurebreed. The new medium of art which you could call "illustrator-driven" certainly lends itself to a unique style all its own.

    What would have happened if the Beatles had tried to clamp down on those inspired by their music? What if Catherine Wheel had balked at Coldplay, or Radiohead for that matter? It is the very nature of art that styles influence other artists and are continually reborn and reused for inspiration.

    And finally, as someone who knew the artist in question's personal style since he was first painting in 1989, he has remained true to his aesthetic, even if it has blended with some of the Fairey aesthetic. I've got pictures from high school art shows to prove that :) The genius and perhaps the controversy you feel compelled to attack springs perhaps from the artist's refusal to follow like a blind sheep the self-aggrandizing, hypocritical, and ultimately self-defeating narcissism of the modern artist, but instead choses to inflect his art with a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the authoritiarian times we still live in as rendered absurd through the master-pet dyad.

    So what I'm trying to say is go back to LA and rethink yourself.

  10. I am the owner of

    I am a simple affiliate shop of cafepress products.

    Would you please mind distinguishing the fact that I did not rip you off, and possibly link to the cafepress design itself, instead of making me look like the bad guy.

    I personally love your designs, and we would never do anything to steal from an artist, we only promote the work of cafepress artists.

    And I am sure you know how to get in touch with them if you have a problem with a designer.

    It just hurt me to see my shop linked on your blog as being the bad person, when you have always been one of my favorite designers.

    Thanks for the consideration

  11. What a goob (poormanstyle). Having worked with many of the original Propaganda posters when I was younger (worked for a gallery that specialized in them) I can say easily that Kevin's work is no more a rip off of Shepard's work then Shepard's is off the many unknown artists that did the original propaganda in the late 1800 and early 1900's. How silly. Has to do with a certain style of art that each artist interpretted in their own way. Now the Chi-Chi of Disney - that is a blatent copy. I've even shown it to friends and they thought it was the same artist that I had showned the from Obey The Pure Breed.

    P.S. How can I contact you Kev about a question on one of your Min Pin posters?

  12. Lets get this strait. Shepard Fairey's "OBEY" was taken strait from They Live(1988). His style is reminiscent of a certain type of propaganda poster, yet he has pushed it into a cleaner vector look.
    The world of propaganda posters contains a wide variety of styles, most being way more organic and painterly that Sherpards. Your designs are totally a dog version of OBEY THE GIANT.
    Oh wait, were you also influences by John Carpenter films?

  13. AHHHH... A voice of reason!

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  16. Fascinating discussion.