Monday, March 24, 2008

The Cat Is Safe, But The House is Destroyed

Two homeowners in Gilbert, Ariz. will be able to sleep much easier now that a cat that had been trapped in the walls of their new home has been captured. But now they have to deal with rebuilding the interior of their house.

Wayne Berkowitz and his wife moved into their new home, but it came with an unwanted option that ended with a lot of destruction; a cat trapped in the walls.

Berkowitz says he has listened to the cat crying behind the walls of his home for a couple of weeks. Finally he called the builder for help and that's when the destruction of his new home began.

At first the ceiling in his living room was torn down. Over a period of several days, holes were smashed into walls; exterior walls were cut away, making the home unlivable.

Finally, Thursday morning after two more holes were cut into walls in the master bathroom, the kitty was caught.

Officials with the homebuilder, K Hovnanian Homes, say the company is going to make sure everything is "right" for the Berkowitz family.

Wayne Berkowitz says the builder is going to fix all of the damage in the home free of charge and while the work is being done the homebuilder is putting them up in a hotel and making the first mortgage payment.

As for the cat, it turns out it belongs to a neighbor.

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  1. that cat was a WMD unleased by the Toll Brothers against rival K. Hovnanian.