Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cat tattoo

Wow... Nothing says "class" like a well placed cat tattoo...


  1. I would laugh out loud if I saw this in person!

  2. Cat Tattoo
    The symbolic meaning of the cat varies wildly across the globe and through time. It has been an ill omen in Japan, a stoic that is unmoved by the death of the BUDDHA in Buddhism, the form of a beneficent goddess in Egypt (BASTET), a creature distrusted by the Celts, given seven lives by Muslims, a symbol of cunning for the Pawnee of North America, and attributed with clairvoyant behavior in central Africa. Today, cat imagery in tattoo is dominated by depictions of household pets. As pets, we associate them with playfulness, some aloofness, and a great deal of affection. As seen in the animals themselves, their images span the great variety of the species, in both form and color.

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