Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Possible Canine Hostage?

ObeyThePureBreed.com has just received this shocking photo, sent from an anonymous source. The authenticity cannot be verified, but it appears to show one of two things:
  • A dog being subjected to some kind of medieval torture device
  • Photographic proof of one of the "aliens" that are reportedly entering through the porous US/Mexico border
If you have any information on this mysterious canine, please post a comment below...

1 comment:

  1. this photo is disturbing indeed. it has all the markings of a deed done by one Chairman Meow.

    soon we will all be pawns in the great dictator's diabolical plot to rule the world. it would be better for us to pledge allegiance to the cats now, for they have shown in Ancient Egypt their superior ability to rule the world.

    i'm afraid this epic struggle for world domination between cats and dogs will follow a tolkien-like destiny. who shall humanity side with?