Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Paula Abdul Latest Victim of Chihuahua Revolution

LOS ANGELES, California (AP)- After bringing down Paris hilton (see below) the Chihuahua Revolution has claimed its latest victim in American Idol judge Paula Abdul.

It appears that Abdul's militant Chihuahua, Tulip, (pictured left) tripped Abdul in her home over the weekend causing a fall that broke her nose, and caused injuries to her chest, arm and hip.

The doctor who later treated Abdul said, "i think this is clearly a warning... That's all i can say."

It is not known specifically why the Chihuahuas are recently targeting the Hollywood elite. One theory is that it is a direct result of the Chihuahua's distain for reality television; an empty form of entertainment that distracts humans from larger world issues... read more

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