Friday, January 19, 2007

Lab Disrupts Meeting Between Russia and Germany

SOCHI, Russia (AFP) - A Black Lab reportedly streaked through a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel earlier today, wearing nothing but a collar.

It is not known exactly what the dog was protesting, but witnesses say that the dog entered just as the two began discussing Global Warming, an issue that the Labs are reportedly deeply concerned over.

Reports speculate that the breed has become alarmed over the obvious climate changes which are affecting dogs, and other animals around the world. According to biologists, many bears aren't hibernating, squirrels have already begun mating, and most concerning to the Lab; many geese aren't flying South yet. Hairless dogs around Los Angeles complained of cold and snow last week, as well as in Phoenix, which reported heavy snowfall today.

Adding to the canines frustration is evidence that the White House has reportedly been editing data on global warming, going so far as to use a Sharpie marker to omit certain evidence from scientific reports.

In response to the actions of dogs, many humans are becoming aware of the importance of this issue. In an unlikely pairing, evangelical Christians and scientists from Harvard Medical School have recently banded together to fight global warming, and called on Bush and others in power to do the same.

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