Friday, December 04, 2009

Dog is Victim of Ruff Economic Times

cody dogCLEARWATER -- A 5-year-old Labrador who has been working at a Pinellas County gas station is about to lose his job.

Cody may not be on the payroll at the BP station on U.S. Highway 19 and Nursery Road, but he has his own work shirt and name tag.

Inspectors with the State Department of Agriculture cited the owner, Karim Mansour, telling him that the dog has to go. They say animals aren't allowed in places that sell food.

"I understand that the state has a job to do which is to keep people safe," Mansour said. "But at the same time I don't prepare food here. Everything comes from the factory, pre-packaged. I don't see how a dog hair is going to get in a bag of chips or a Snickers bar." read story

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