Friday, May 01, 2009

advantage for dogs coupon (& cats)

dog fleasAdvantage for Dogs & Cats Coupon
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About Advantage for Dogs and Cats

advantage dog cheapAdvantage for dogs and Advantage for cats has been proven to stop fleas just minutes after application. After first application, Advantage has been proven to kill between 98-100 percent of fleas within only 12 hours. Also, just one application lasts for up to a full month. Because of its effectiveness, Advantage can be the only flea control that you use for your dog or cat. With proper dosage, and utilization of a coupon to ensure a cheap price, there is no need to buy a flea collar or use another flea treatment. Like most good brand-name pet medications, Advantage isn't cheap, but it's effective, available over-the counter (OTC) & you can use a coupon above for the best price on Advantage for dogs & cats.

The effectiveness of Advantage lies in the fact that it kills fleas before they lay eggs, disrupting their life cycle for good. Advantage for dogs and cats also stops 99% of flea larva from developing in your dog or cat's environment. Advantage is water-resistant, so even as your dog or cat goes swimming or takes a bath, Advantage continues to kill fleas effectively. Get Advantage for dogs cheap with one of the coupons above!

Advantage for Dogs & Cats Dosage:
Advantage for cats: Orange (less than 10 lbs)
Advantage for cats: Purple (more than 10 lbs)
Advantage for dogs: Green (less than 10 lbs)
for dogs: Teal (11-20 lbs)
for dogs: Red (21-55 lbs)
for dogs: blue (55+ lbs)


  1. thanks for the link to the advantage for dogs coupon. that has to be the best price online!? what, do they ship the pet meds from canada? w/ the coupon it was half the price i usually pay.

  2. thanks for posting the new advantage for dogs coupon! that's a pretty cheap price! W/ the promo code I can get the advantage for dogs red at a big discount.