Sunday, February 01, 2009

"Bacon Explosion" Causes Global Frenzy

Dozens of people in Mecca were trampled today, after a popular blog posted the recipe for a dish consisting of 4 pounds of pork called the "bacon explosion."

Reports streamed in from all over the globe of chaos and riots in the street, as dog servants (aka dog "owners") scrambled to aquire one of the tasty 5000 calorie treats for their dogs.

Soon after the blog post, a grainy video was posted on a Mexican extremist website, demanding one of the dishes. Although much of the message is incoherent, the unidentified dog (pictured right) in the video can clearly be heard saying "We wants it... we needs it... We must have the precious..."

Witnesses describe the dish as "a torpedo shaped amalgamation consisting of over 2 pounds of weaved strips of bacon." read more

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