Monday, November 10, 2008

Woman Calls Pug Pancake a Miracle

AP: A woman from the former Soviet State of Kyrgyzstan is claiming that the image of a Pug miraculously appeared in her pancake. Svetlana Morozov, 71, claims that she was making breakfast on Sunday morning, when she noticed that her pancake had an amazing resemblance to a Pug; a sacred animal highly revered in Kyrgyzstan.

"It is a sign from Dog..." she said. "Legend say that Pug is good luck, and bring good health. Is great blessing, and now I put pancake on eBay... you bid, yes?"

Neither the Catholic Church, nor the AKC have responded to Svetlana's many requests to declare the Pug pancake a miracle.


  1. Please please please please do a Obey the Pekingese tshirt. My Peke demands it!

  2. I will follow this pancake to the gates of hell. that would be the men's room at the IHOP.