Friday, November 21, 2008

What Your Dog Says About You

Man's best friend offers interesting clues into his owner's psyche
11/21/08 -

You can pick
up after your pooch and make sure he plays nice, but it's your dog's breed that
truly speaks volumes about what kind of owner you are.

Got a Beagle? You are inquisitive and willing to learn new things. The Beagle is constantly questioning. If you own one of these dogs, chances are you are a curious, willful person who is loyal to friends, tough on enemies and pretty stubborn.

Those with Cocker Spaniels are family oriented and nurturing. Gentle, playful and sweet in demeanor, they are the perfect size for smaller children. Owners of these dogs display the same affectionate qualities as their pups.

Pets have become more like family than an animal left in the dog house in the backyard," says Daisy Okas, assistant vice president of communications at the American Kennel Club (AKC). "Just as people are not going to skimp on their children, they are not going to cut back on their dog." Humans are so devoted to their canine counterparts that despite the economic downturn, it seems pet owners aren't willing to cut back on canine-related expenditures. full article

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