Monday, July 21, 2008

Fish Pedicures in Virginia

Fish Pedicures: Carp rid human feet of scaly skin
AP Google News

ALEXANDRIA, VA. (AP) - Ready for the latest in spa pampering? Prepare to dunk your feet in a tank of water and let tiny carp nibble away.

Fish Pedicures are creating something of a splash in the D.C. area, where a Northern Virgina spa has been offering them for the past four months.

Owner John Ho said that 5,000 people have taken the plunge so far.
"This is a good treatment for everyone who likes to have nice feet," Ho said.

In response to the success, Ho is reportedly testing a full-body "Pug" version of the treatment...

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  1. My Boston Terrier gives great foot treatments calve and anckle as well