Thursday, May 08, 2008

Otter Sneak Attack on Dog

From the Vancouver Sun, this shocking report:

When Nina Waltl takes her dogs Bunn and Chicho for their morning walk along Tonquin Beach in Tofino, she keeps an eye out for local wildlife, aware of her proximity to the wilderness and wild creatures that may also be out for a stroll.

That's why she was wary Monday morning of a river otter she had seen a few times recently around the creek on the far side of the beach but never thought it could pose a serious harm to herself or her dogs.

The tide was low and Bunn had wandered ahead to the creek and into the shallow water when Waltl spotted the otter's head pop out of the creek.

Moments later, without warning, the otter began attacking the four and a half year old Staffordshire terrier.

She could see the otter splashing in the water but even as she yelled and her dog struggled to get away, the otter still didn't back off.

Only when she managed to get Bunn back onto the sand did she notice how seriously the gentle terrier had been hurt, her chest was bloody and had numerous punctures.

"Everybody knows about cougars, wolves and bears," said Waltl. "No one would ever think an otter could be so dangerous."

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