Thursday, February 07, 2008

Dalmatians Join Revolution

After many passionate requests, (and veiled threats) from Dalmatian Fundamentalists, I was finally pressured to represent Dalmatians on the site.

"...The duties the Dalmatian has performed are as varied as his reputed ancestors. He has been a dog of war, a sentinel on the borders of Dalmatia and Coratia. He has been employed as a draft dog and as a shepherd. He is excellent on rats and vermin.

He is well-known for his heroic performances as a fire-apparatus follower and as a firehouse mascot. As a sporting dog he has been used as a bird dog, a trail hound, a retriever and in packs for boar and stag hunting..."

To read the rest of the interesting AKC history of this heroic breed, click here...


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  2. now for the Irish Wolfhound. They invented the IRA you know. only it was originally the IWRA. obey.