Monday, January 14, 2008

Cat Speaks Chinese

Possibly inspired by the revolutionary teachings of Chairman Meow, a cat in Changchun city has reportedly begun speaking Chinese. Here is the shocking report:

Pakistan Daily Times

Cat ‘speaks Chinese’ A Chinese grandmother claims her cat can talk. Granny Lv, 70, of Changchun city, says Mimi has become a local celebrity because he can speak Chinese. She said: “I was playing mahjong with friends at home, and suddenly I heard someone call me ‘Laolao’ (Grandma). My first thought was that it was my granddaughter, but she was not at home.”

Lv then realised her pet had made the sound. “When he wakes up and sees nobody around, he’ll say, ‘Where is everyone?’. When we’re playing mahjong, he’ll come over and say, ‘What are you doing?’.” Neighbour Mrs Wang say Mimi’s pronunciation is very clear, but “he sounds like a little girl, although he is a boy”. Daily Times


  1. when cats are learning chinese I'm learning how to act like a
    So I can infiltrate in without problem...

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