Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dogs Fight Secretive War on Terror

The Department of Defense regularly trains and employs working dogs to aid in military operations and the War on Terror. These dogs are commonly used for tasks such as explosives detection, security and patrol, guard duty, and search and rescue.

However, some watchdog groups have claimed that there are other secret canine "mercenaries" who operate in the shadows, and whose missions are highly classified.

These stealth operatives are highly trained in a variety of unorthodox arts of war including sabotage, assassination, and espionage. If you believe that your dog is part of this elite group, you may consider honoring and identifying them with this intimidating new apparel. The apparel is lightweight and aerodynamic so that your dog will achieve maximum success in their missions, and remain virtually invisible in snowstorms.

1 comment:

  1. Fearsome ninja gear! Confucious once say: "Even the most diminutive chihuahua can become a lethal assassin."