Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dognappers Abduct Member of Revolution

This story is further proof of German Shepherds' important role in international politics. - A role that continues to hidden by mainstream media:

Monday October 22, 2007

Two men are in custody, wounded in a shootout after they allegedly came to pick up a ransom. The victim is safe and doesn't seem to be all the worse for his terrifying experience. It sounds like a movie plot or some fiction novel. But it really happened in Bogota, Colombia - and it's even stranger than the scenario would suggest.

Because the cause of all this violence and gunplay is a family dog.

Kidnappers snatched the animal from a rich neighbourhood in Bogota last month while the owners were away and demanded US$350,000 for his safe return. When the abductors made contact with the owners of the German shepherd (similar to the one pictured in the file photo, top left), they contacted police. Authorities then arranged a sting to lure out the pooch-takers, which ended when two men were shot last Tuesday after they apparently came to pick up the ransom.

The story moved between high drama and outright farce, after his captors sent the family a video of their pet to prove he was still alive. It was accompanied by a note that read, "This is how your dog cries at night."

The standoff finally ended when the hostage - named Aldo de Fescol - was dropped off at a veterinarian's office on Friday, with the remaining members of the conspiracy leaving a note saying he needed a bath. The animal wasn't hurt and was returned in good condition, apparently none the worse for wear.

Kidnapping is unfortunately common in the country, a favourite tactic of drug runners and guerillas trying to raise quick cash. But in this case, the effort went unrewarded. Police confirm no ransom was paid for Aldo, who's happily back with his family after their dogged pursuit of justice.

citynews.ca File photo credit: Rob Elliott/AFP/Getty Images

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