Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Leona Helmsley's Dog Receives $12M in Will

NEW YORK - Known as "the Queen of Mean", and a symbol of the greed of the 1980s, Leona Helmsley passed away last week at age 87.

Although officials do not suspect foul play, they did note that her white Maltese named "Trouble" was one of the biggest beneficiaries in her will, receiving a $12M trust fund.

In surrogate court on Tuesday, it was revealed that two of Leona's grandchildren received nothing. According to one source, their names had been crudely crossed out on the will, which also reportedly contained an inky paw print and several white hairs... Read More

• 8/30/07: More people leaving Money to their Pets - The NSA has reported a sudden increase in the number of dogs that are receiving large sums of money from owner's wills. It is not known if this occurance is related to a recent increase in "Terrier Chatter" reported at many dog parks, but the Whitehouse has not ruled out raising the Terror Alert level.

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