Sunday, December 03, 2006

Golden Retriever Presides Over Mexican Presidential Ceremony

MEXICO CITY (AP) - Conspiracy theories quickly formed after a Golden Retriever was present at the innauguration of newly elected Mexican President, Felipe Calderon.

The chaotic ceremony lasted only several minutes, as Calderon took the oath of office in front of a jeering crowd of leftists who claim he stole a July election that sparked months of unrest.

During the chaos, several photographers captured images of a Golden Retriever that was present at the ceremony. Although its role was not immediately apparent, supporters of the Canine Revolution claim that the dog's appearance at the innauguration is further evidence of the breed's imperial ambitions, and the wider role of dogs in international politics.

A recent conspiracy theory has also surfaced claiming that the dog is actually Brinkley, a Golden Retriever who recently lost the disputed race for Governor of Alaska. The Whitehouse refused to comment on the assertions, but did raise the nation's Terror Alert level to "Brindle."

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