Monday, January 25, 2010

Dog or Spouse; Who Your Best Friend Really Is

menage a trois dogWSJ - 1/26/10
By the time Ellen and Joe Lollman reached their first anniversary, things were already souring. They no longer took long walks together or spent weekend afternoons chatting over coffee at outdoor cafes. Each evening they holed up in separate rooms of their home reading or watching TV alone.

Finally, fearful that their marriage was on the rocks, the Dallas couple made an appointment with a therapist – for their dogs.

"We both had dogs a lot longer than we had each other," explains Ms. Lollman. Yet it wasn't until she and her new husband moved in together after a long-distance courtship that their faithful companions actually met and, as luck had it, decided they hated each other. The Lollmans were forced to take sides...
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